Choosing a service is as simple as choosing how much time you want for your massage. That’s it! Remember, your session is always customized and is booked as a therapeutic massage every time.

Standard Rates

I take pride in offering honest, simple, straight to the point rates and will never nickle and dime you with different pricing or services.

Description Price
30 Minute Upgrade $ 45
30 Minute $ 55
60 Minute *New Client* $ 65
60 Minute $100
90 Minute $145

Massage Series

My competitively priced package deals are an excellent investment in wellness. You may purchase a massage package for a flat rate and lock in savings for your future massage sessions.

The best thing about my packages is that they can be shared! Give them as gifts, split the cost with a friend, or share them with your spouse. You may, of course, indulge yourself! The choice is yours.

Description Price
THREE 60 Minute $270 (save 10%)
SIX 60 Minute $480 (save 20%)
NINE 60 Minute $630 (save 30%)
TWELVE 60 Minute $720 (save 40%)

Member Rates

My exclusive monthly membership plan allows you to receive discounts on your single session rates. But rather than pay a lump sum, like our package deals, you pay a membership fee and the amount is billed to your credit/debit card each month.

Your membership includes ONE 60 massage per month.
Unused massages will not be rolled over.

Description Price
Single Membership $ 75.99
Couple Membership $135.99
30 Minute Upgrade $ 35
60 Minute $ 40
90 Minute $ 75